Communication between home and school is essential for your child's success! The Monday Folder makes that possible.

What is a Monday Folder? A Monday Folder is a folder that is sent home every Monday. It includes a weekly Class Newsletter, a weekly update- conduct/work habits report, checked/graded work and other school handouts.

Here is how the Monday Folder works:
  1. Once we've reviewed work in class, I collect it and put it in the Monday Folder.
  2. I add a newsletter, your child's weekly report with my comments, and school handouts. Your child's weekly report provides you with information about your child's behavior and effort for the previous week.
  3. On Monday, your child brings home the Monday Folder. You and your child go through everything together and empty the folder, unless otherwise noted.
  4. You sign your child's weekly report, comment as needed, and put it back in the folder. Your child brings the Monday Folder back to school the next day. 
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