Organizing Your Trapper

 Step 1:       Place 5 writeable subject dividers into the three rings of the big  binder/trapper.

Step 2:       Label each divider using the order listed below:

  1. Reading         
  2.   Social Studies                       
  3. Narrative Writing
  4. Expository Writing            
  5. Opinion/Persuasive Writing

  • *Put any extra/unlabeled dividers in the back of your trapper for later use*

 Step 3:       Place about ½ of a pack of notebook paper IN FRONT of the subject divider for Reading.         

 Step 4:       Place your planner/agenda IN FRONT of the notebook paper

 Step 5:       Place your pencil pouch IN FRONT of the planner/agenda. It will stay in your binder.

 Step 6:       Put the following items in your pencil pouch:

                 3-4 blue/red pens

                5 to 6 number #2 pencils – NO MECHANICAL PENCILS

                2-3 Extra cap erasers

         **Please put your name on these items!!**

 Step 7:       Label one plastic folder with 3 holes and two pockets HOMEWORK

 Step 8:       Place the HOMEWORK folder BEHIND the agenda.

 Step 9:       Label one plastic folder with 3 holes and two pockets INCOMPLETE WORK.                                            

 Step 10:    Place INCOMPLETE WORK folder BEHIND Homework folder.

 Step 11:     Label one composition notebook MATH JOURNAL and keep it in the front pocket or back pocket of your binder.

 Step 12:     Label the second composition notebook SCIENCE JOURNAL and turn it in to your teacher.

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