Behavior Management:

In order to provide the students with the excellent educational climate they deserve, the following behavior management plan with be in effect at all times. The following rules will be implemented within a fair and consistent manner:

1.      Be prepared with assignments and supplies

2.      Follow directions the first time

3.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4.      Respect yourself and others.

5.      Stay in your assigned workspace unless you have permission to leave.

6.      Raise your hand for permission to speak.

7.      Leave toys, games, and other distracting objects at home.

8.      Always do your best!

9.      Have FUN while learning!


 Behavior Management System:


In order to monitor individual student behavior, our classroom will use a behavior chart featuring 4 color card behavior management system. This will include their behavior with Mrs. Kuhlow during language arts/social studies. Each student will have a slot on the chart with their name and 4 color cards, The following is an explanation of what each color card represents:


Be A "Star" Student

Each child starts the day with a white card – “Star Student” - Level 4

Level 3- Green card- Warning

Level 2- BlueCard – Loss of  1/2 a privilege  (silent lunch, recess etc)

Level 1 - Pink Card - Loss of entire privilege

At the end of each day, the flip a card chart results are recorded. These results will be used to complete your child’s weekly progress report and assign work habits and conduct grades for the grading period. The cards are then flipped to white so every child begins as a star student the next day.

*At the end of each week, if your child has stayed on white every day they will get a trip to the prize box.

*Staying on white the entire quarter earns your child a pizza party with other star students during lunch.




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